KOLIBRI Cloud, the secure Web Portal to your measurements made with pressure sensors.

Powered by KELLER Pressure

Do you want to track pressure measurements such as fill levels and water levels conveniently from a distance and monitor limit values?

Setting up and maintaining software, databases and servers is time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge.
Either, you implement your own connections to your sensors or use given systems, which are limited to computers with only one access.
With the personal login and SSL encryption, the KOLIBRI Cloud enables secure and convenient access to your measured data.

Available data is used without installation, maintenance and management of databases.
Measurements can be graphically displayed in real time and the export function allows you to download to Excel and CSV formats.
The integrated alarm system ensures the effortless monitoring of all measuring points and channels.

The KOLIBRI Cloud API allows custom software to retrieve metrics via HTTPS in a standardized JSON format.
In this way, the measurement data can be forwarded to your own systems, visualized or processed further on your own display software.

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Feature highlights

KELLER unlimited

«ONE SOFTWARE» – No installation necessary, data is displayed in browser.
All pressure measurement data available in one place.

LoRa and GSM ready

LoRa & GSM data directly saved to the KOLIBRI Cloud.
No need for PC software (GSM2Datamanager) and maintenance-free.


Data can be viewed and used by multiple users at the same time.
Structured data stored at any time and accessible from any device via browser.

Visualise with charts

Visualise and analyse stored data in KOLIBRI Cloud.


Set and receive device and system alarms.


„State of the Art“ security with HTTPS, SSL, OAuth 2.0, ...
DB backups of your data every 10min.


Supports existing and new KELLER IoT products and IoT protocols: GSM, ARC, LoRa, KOLIBRI Mobile App and Desktop App.

API integration

Flexible access via standard interfaces to your own cloud services or local databases.

Export data

Export using API possible or easy export in CSV, Excel, Hydras, Aquainfo,...

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