What are the differences between GSM2Datamanager and KOLIBRI Cloud

Basically prefer to use the KOLIBRI Cloud as it is easier, modern and well supported.

The reasons to use the Datamanager are:

  • You are bound to rules that do not allow to use any cloud services (such as Dropbox, Windows 10)
  • You are bound to rules that do not allow to have the data stored in another country
  • Accessability of 98% is not enough
  • You change the location of the device in a regular basis
GSM2Datamanager KOLIBRI Cloud
Runs locally on a Windows system Runs “in the cloud”
You have to do the backup Data is backed up automatically every 10min
Gets data from MAIL & FTP Gets data from FTP only
Documentation: PDF download Documentation: This page
Battleproofen since >10 years Used by customers since 2017
Not maintained Bi-Monthly updates
Can send Configurations PLANNED 2019 to be able to send Configurations
Various Water Calculations Water & Tank-Calculation
Calculations are bound to installation Calculation can be manipulated on-the-fly. Flexible but problematic when the installation location changes
Many Features Simple GUI
Exports to CSV, Hydras, AquaInfo, Delft-Fews, XML, PGI Exports to EXCEL, CSV, Hydras, AquaInfo, KOLIBRI
Stores everything in a MySQL or SQLite DB which can be exported Has a documented API
Tool available to periodically store data locally Open Source tools available to download and/or integrate data locally or other cloud services

Datamanager Architectural overview Interfaces GSMDatamanger

KOLIBRI Cloud Architectural overview Interfaces KOLIBRI Cloud