Cookbook guide

What you need

  • Access to the ThingPark/Actility portal of your mobile network provider (eg. Swisscom, Digita, KPN)
  • A KELLER LoRa device
  • The EUI number of the device (Use the GSMSetup-tool to extract the EUI)
  • The App key (Use the GSMSetup-tool to extract or write the key)
  • The KOLIBRI Endpoint URL which is:

Step 1

Log into the portal and Create a application server
Create an application server

Step 2

Give a Name, choose Content Type JSON and set the Status to Active
Add a the destination URL which is the KOLIBRI Endpoint URL for LoRa devices and Save the Application Server
Configure an application server

Step 3

Add a Route to add a route and add a destination. The destination for the KOLIBRI Cloud is:

Configure an application server

Step 3B

Alternatively, it is possible to use a free service like or to generate an own endpoint in order to test the communication before adding it to the KOLIBRI Cloud.
Test with first

Step 4

Create a routing profile in AS Routing profiles.
Give a Name and Add the new created application server as a Local application server. Save the AS Routing profile with the top right Save button.
Create a routing profile

Step 5A

Before the device can be created it first has to be configured, too. Use the tool “GSM setup for remote transmission units and its manual” and a similar process like in

Step 5B

Under [Settings] choose the correct “Connection Device/type” based on the attached sensor/probe.
In [Error/Status] the measured values of all channels can be seen and indicates which channels are of interest.
Configure a LoRa device 1

Step 5C

In [Settings] choose only the channels that are of interest. As smaller the amount of chosen channels as better it is for the LoRaWAN transmission.
Configure a LoRa device 2

Step 5D

Under [LoRa Settings] generally use the default values unless you now exactly what you are doing. See
Write down the Device EUI and the App Key.
The Application EUI has to be programmed based on the provider. For Swisscom this is F0-3D-29-AC-71-00-00-01.
Configure a LoRa device 3

Step 6

Create a device and add the same settings as seen in the picture below. Just use the individual Device EUI and the App Key. The Application EUI has to be programmed based on the provider. For Swisscom this is F0-3D-29-AC-71-00-00-01.
Use the correct Connectivity plan based on the contract with your service provider.
Under “Application server routing profile” choose routing profile which was created before.
Create a device

Step 7

If the device is already in a accessible KOLIBRI Cloud group it should be possible to see new measurement data from the device. With the connected GSMSetup-tool it is possible to manually execute the sending of measurement data or device information.
It is now possible for contributor users to ADD LoRa devices in the account settings (


  • The above guide is based on the experience with Swisscom that uses the Actility/ThingPark Wireless platform. It is assumed that other telecom company such as Digita or KNP are using the same platform and therefore have similar steps. Please consult and prefer the guides provided by the telecom company.

  • To force a join it is sometimes helpful to remove and attache the battery of the ADT1.

  • In the ThingPark Wireless “Device Manager” the devices are sometimes not found in the devices menu. They can be easier found when choosing the “List” tab.

  • Deleting a device and re-adding it can cause an error by the platform. It is better to log out and login after deleting to be able to Add a device.