Cookbook guide

What you need

  • Access to the TTN portal An account is free and the entry page is
  • A KELLER LoRa device
  • The EUI number of the device (Use the GSMSetup-tool to extract the EUI)
  • The App key (Use the GSMSetup-tool to write the key)
  • The KOLIBRI Endpoint URL which is:

A KELLER LoRa device can be added to the KOLIBRI Cloud using the following steps:

Step 1

  • During the order of the device ask your sales person to let the device pre-configure by the KOLIBRI support team. This helps to speed up and simplify your configuration work. Technical documentation for the configuration of a KELLER LoRa-device can be found here.

Step 2

Step 3

  • Verify your connection with your gateway by seeing a transmission with a payload in the TTN console. You may optionally use the KELLER LoRa Payload Decoder code to decrypt the real channel values and visualize them in the TTN console.
    TTN LoRa Decoder

Step 4

  • Choose HTTP integration and enter a POST method to forward the URL to
    This will forward a transmission to the KOLIBRI Cloud.
  • Process ID : Enter the name of the integration which doesn’t have an effect
  • Other fields are empty:
    • Authorization: Leave empty
    • Custom Header Name: Leave empty
    • Custom Header Value: Leave empty
      TTN HTTP Integration example

Step 5

  • If the device is already in a accessible KOLIBRI Cloud group it should be possible to see new measurement data from the device. With the connected GSMSetup-tool it is possible to manually execute the sending of measurement data or device information. If the device is not visible on then please wait until the KOLIBRI Cloud support assigned the device to your group.