Cloud API Overview

The API’s specification can be found here:

An open-sourced example implementation can be seen here:

Endpoints of interest are:

Endpoint Use to
GET /v1/Devices Gets information of all devices
GET /v1/Devices/{deviceId} Gets information of a specific device
GET /v1/Measurements Gets a list of measurements composed of a value and a UTC datetime
GET /v1/PageSettings Gets information about settings of the tenant group but also about MeasurementDefinitionIds and there alternative names

he deviceId are the same numbers that can be seen in the URL of the WebApp when the device is selected:

DateTime formats from the API are always in UTC
Pressure values from the API are always in bar
Temperature values from the API are always in °C
It is not possible to delete measurement data with the API

Temporary Access Token

If you want to try out the API with Swagger please us the dark green [Authorize] button and a valid bearer token.
BearerToken From Swagger UI

You can get a valid bearer token when logged in on under [User Settings]
BearerToken From Web App

Permanent Access Token

If you want a Permanent Access Token: One user of a customer group has the “CustomerAdmin” rights. This user can get the permanent access token from the web app from
The provided access token must be the value with the key “userOid” in the header of every request. This way a bearer token and the OAUTH flow is NOT needed anymore.

Postman and permanent Access Token

Please create github issues for feature wishes or problems.
Or contact