The following roadmap is an idea. Therefore, the priority might change, and we might implement a feature earlier or later depending on customer projects and other circumstances.

More YouTube videos to explain new features

It is planned to have a short series of YouTube videos explaining and demonstrating new features and their uses.

MQTT analysis and integration

We are going to add the possibility to use MQTT in our sending devices. Ideally, the KOLIBRI Cloud backend shall be able to accept and communicate with MQTT.

Export of multiple channels into ONE Excel/CSV file

Export of multiple channels into ONE Excel/CSV file.

Find, mark and delete unreliable or outlier data

Statistical methods and customized threshold should make it possible to find irregularities.
Found unreliable data should be able to be marked and even deleted.

DeviceConfiguration for LoRa devices

Now that the sending ‘Device Configuration’ for GSM/ARC to devices over FTP/Mail-server is working. We are going to implement the new protocol for KELLER’s LoRa devices. The goal is to communicate to and from the device over multiple LoRaWAN transmission using the small payload efficiently.
DeviceConfiguration for LoRa devices

YOUR idea

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