The following roadmap is an idea. Therefore, the priority might change and ee might implement a feature earlier or later depending on customer projects and other circumstances.



TTN V2 to V3 migration

The Things Network is changing from V2 to V3 stack. This means:


It is wished to automatically trigger alarms when certain device or system specific cases occur:

  • Device Alarm
    • Device stopped sending measurements
    • Low Battery - Warn when battery has to be replaced
    • Too high humidity
    • Freeze (water must be ice - pressure measurement unusable)
    • Level probe is not in water anymore
    • Immediate Conductivity range change
    • Some channels are not sending values anymore (defect/removed sensor)
  • System Alarm
    • Gateway does not respond
    • FTP/Mail server do not respond

Alarm Overview



MQTT analysis and integration

We are going to add the possibility to use MQTT in our sending devices. Ideally, the KOLIBRI Cloud backend shall be able to accept and communicate with MQTT.

DeviceConfiguration for LoRa devices

Now that the sending ‘Device Configuration’ for GSM/ARC to devices over FTP/Mail-server is working. We are going to implement the new protocol for KELLER’s LoRa devices. The goal is to communicate to and from the device over multiple LoRaWAN transmission using the small payload in an efficient way.
DeviceConfiguration for LoRa devices

Handle multiple Configurations/Water Calculations per device

One of the advantages of the DataManger-SW is that it can handle various configuration/calculations per device. The KOLIBRI Cloud right shows calculated values on-the-fly but ignores the fact that measurements can have different calculations in the past (eg. due to changing installation). It is wished to be able to add comments to
The goal is now to handle and visualize the stored device configurations, in the chart and the export! Handle multiple Configurations/Water Calculations per device


Device Log

Changing configurations, settings and calculations should be stored to give a certain traceability for understanding the system and allow to post-configure multiple installation per device. The ‘Device Log’ discloses the changes and who did the changes.
Device Log

Easier Registration with Welcome/Guidance Mail for new Users

The registration process and everything following might be overwhelming to some users. Better guidance and check lists should help to make it clearer what to do.


Devices Map

As now a user can change and store the coordinates of a device from the WebApp it makes sense to visualize the devices in a map. It might be possible to change the location in the map to update the coordinates. Try
Devices Map

Overflow Calculations

Like the KOLIBRI Desktop-SW the KOLIBRI Cloud has to support overflow calculations, too. Overflow Calculations 1 Overflow Calculations 2 Overflow Calculations 3

Find, mark and delete unreliable or outlier data

Statistical methods and customized threshold should make it possible to find irregularities.
Found unreliable data should be able to be marked and and even deleted.

Export of multiple channels into ONE Excel/CSV file

Export of multiple channels into ONE Excel/CSV file.

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