Sign Up process and how to add signed up users to your group

Create account at KOLIBRI Cloud

Sign Up Process Main

Create KOLIBRI account: Two step verification

  • Fill the form with your data

  • Example:

Username : KristerHulten
* New Password: Cleanwater@42
* Confirm New password: Cleanwater@42
Email Address:
  • Click on the [Send verification] and look in your mailbox and verify the mail. If you don’t find the mail then either you entered the wrong mail or your email provider has blocked the mail.
* Password credentials:
8 - 16 characters, containing 3 out of 4 of the
following: Lowercase characters, uppercase
characters, digits (0-9), and one or more of
the following symbols: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + =
[ ] { } | \ : ' ,? / ` ~ " ( ) ;
  • Next step will be to contact your KOLIBRI Cloud Support team to add you to your group and give you Administrator Rights (CustomerAdmin).

Sign Up Form

If your company already has a Customer Administrator

  • Send the Username (only username NO password should be sent) to your CustomerAdmin.

  • The CustomerAdmin then uses the “Admin Settings” and just write the chosen username in the box for “Add New Registered User” and press “Add user”.

  • Then it will take a couple of minutes to update the database before the new user can access the KOLIBRI Cloud.

  • You can always reach our KOLIBRI Cloud Support by mailing your ordinary contact or send a mail to:

Sign Up Process Add New User